“Gripping . . . Both a page-turning read and an insightful dissection of 9/11’s dark legacy.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“With the pacing of a suspense novel, award-winning journalist Eichenwald’s richly researched account . . . [is] a breathtaking inspection of the war on terror that began on 9/11 and reverberates to this day.”
Booklist, starred review 

“A blow-by-blow, episodic reconstruction of the fallout from 9/11 in the highest spheres of terrorist strategy . . . demonstrating literally how the anti-terrorist hysteria in the United States, and the hatred of America and general global paranoia, forged the “trauma that haunts the world to this day.”
Kirkus Reviews 

“500 thrilling pages on 500 decisive days that changed everything.”
—’s “Book Editor’s Picks: Our Fall Favorites.” (Jon Foro, Senior Editor)