The NRA’s Solution to Sandy Hook? Columbine.

So, after a week of silence, after a nation watched the emotionally crippling burials of some of the 20 children slaughtered at Sandy Hook, the National Rifle Association finally stepped forward with their “solution” to massacres by gun-toting madmen.

Armed guards at the schools.

That took my breath away. Before I say why, let me ask a few questions. Do you think the NRA knows about all of the school shootings up to now? Do you think they have studied them, could tell you every fact? Or do you think they just shrugged their shoulders and ignored the details?

I think they know a lot. Which is also why I think their press conference was a despicable deception that spit on the memory of the children who died in Connecticut.

If you want to know why, ask Neil Gardner. Don’t recognize the name? He was the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy, the uniformed, armed community resource officer assigned to Columbine High School. The moment that massacre began, Gardner and an unarmed school security guard were in a patrol car on the northwest side of the campus. He wasn’t able to stop the slaughter because chance didn’t lead him to be staring at the two killers as they strolled into the school.

Or ask the Virginia Tech police department. Yes, the site of the worst mass gun slaughter in American history had its own police department, with armed officers and everything. Again, armed guards couldn’t stop the massacre.

Or ask folks at Fort Hood. There was a slaughter there. And there was a military.

Bottom line, the folks at the NRA hopefully aren’t so uninformed that they don’t know that their “solution” was in place at some of the deadliest gun massacres ever. Something that has failed over and over is not normally known as a solution – it’s a head fake by people trying to change the subject.


  1. Bob The Slob says:

    I’m reluctant myself to place limitations on gun ownership, even though I have for years thought there are some good reasons for doing so. I have guns. They’re safely hidden, rarely leave the house, and I never carry them on my person. There must be steps we can agree on to take in order to prevent the needless tragedies that have occurred at Columbine, Virginia Tech and Newport. But the NRA suggestion is idiotic.

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