The next sacred—and not so sacred—cows for slaughter

As you might gather, I intend for my blog posts to be heavy on reporting instead of just being rants. Lots of people on the Internet have opinions, and too few have facts. So, my goal here is to present information that people need to make up their minds on issues. But that means that it will be a few days between posts. So here is what will be coming over the next week or two.

My next book, 500 Days, is going on sale on Tuesday, and it has lot of never-before-disclosed details about the Bush Administration and the terror wars. I will be posting something on Sunday that discloses some of the most jaw-dropping information.

After that, I will be digging into who—if anyone—among the politically-obsessed review information before they start raging. And I’ll keep you in suspense for now about how I’m going to establish that.

My longer posting after that will be what I like to call “God’s Frauds – Or, Why Don’t Bible Thumpers Read the Bible?” I am someone with a lot of knowledge about the words, meaning and history of the Bible, and I have been horrified over the years to watch the Christian Right pervert scriptures in order to justify their hatreds and ignorance. So, we will be doing a little Biblical examination. I know what the outcome of that one will be already: These people have no idea what the Bible says. Not that they interpret it badly, they have no idea what it says. They seem to have a greater familiarity with the Harry Potter books than with the Bible. (In fact, I have a delicious anecdote that reflects that.) Anyway, if you have ever found yourself in a fruitless argument with a Born-Again conservative evangelical, you’ll want to read this one.

So, keep checking in here. And let me know if there is a topic you want me to research. If it captures my interest, I will.



    I would like to say that I lived in Logan, Utah as a college non-Mormon student from 1984-1987 and attended Utah State University. I found that the culture, the religion and the fanatism that it provokes into peoples lives in Utah were unbeareable and after 3 years of being shunned, avoided, lied about, not only about me but my innocent 2 &3 year boys at the time definitely showed me the true side of the mormon cult religion. It was very clear to me that unless I converted I would not be able to continue my life/career in Utah once I had completed my education. In fact, I can remember the first month I was there in the summer of 1984 when my oldest son was only 3 asking the neighbor boy if he could play (who was only 4) and completely shocked, flabbergasted to here this 4 year old kid tell my (non-mormon 3 year old) that his mom had told him he couldn’t play with him because he wasn’t Mormon. It was rather pathetic…and my point is you are right Kurt I saw many many scandals, lies and other crimes that were in fact by government or law officials, including publicly practicing polygamy by the Sheriff running for re-election and his two wives that were at the time interviewing his born/raised Mormon wife and his converted Mormon wife (both pregnant) and it was again…shocking, pathetic, and truly a eye opener once again. I think you are not only right about the Republican as liars but specifically Mormon Republicans that are named Mitt Romney!! I could tell more about my stay there in Utah but honestly I should write a book because seriously no one unless they lived there and they were not Mormon would believe what I went through and my family as well.

  2. I watched you on Rachel Maddow this evening (super interesting) and then I checked on your book online – which I am going to order – looks like an exciting read. I just found your blog and will look forward to your posting on the Bible – I need to find out more on this subject. I have been living in the Bible belt for decades (Newt Gingrich county, Cobb, near Atlanta) but I am French, raised in Paris by a secular family so I am ignorant on details on this book. When I meet people here the first thing they ask me is “which church do you belong to?” and if I say I don’t belong to one, they won’t go on talking to me. I thought America had the separation of church and state, but they have not learnt this in Georgia yet. Here they would say prayers before the PTA meetings and forced my daughter, in public school, to say grace before eating a cookie and milk for break. All my European friends think this is a über religious country (and not tolerant – as I have some Muslim friends from Dubai who were not well received.) I’ll go back and read some of your earlier posts.

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