Secrets from the Bush terror wars revealed

We’ve all had the suspicions – that we didn’t know the full truth about what the Bush Administration did in the first years after 9/11. We knew some of the broad information – torture, warrantless wiretapping, secret detention, Guantanamo – but even still, it didn’t feel like the whole story.

We were right. For the last six years, I’ve been working on my next book, which is about the development of policy in the aftermath of 9/11. The book is called 500 DAYS: SECRETS AND LIES IN THE TERROR WARS. It goes on sale tomorrow, but I decided to give a sneak peek. Among the many disclosures in the book are:

The supposed al Qaeda training manual that American officials used to justify aggressive policies had nothing to do with al Qaeda. Instead, the unsophisticated document was written by a group of jihadist bumblers whose goals conflicted with those of al Qaeda.

Bush Administration officials threatened to plunge Bosnia back into civil war if its leaders did not arrest six men, despite a total lack of evidence showing they had engaged in wrongdoing.

President Bush mistakenly issued an unplanned international policy pronouncement during a critical speech at the United Nations after his staff loaded the wrong speech into a teleprompter.

False information was loaded into the government’s prime classified intelligence document, requiring investigation of absurd reports such as one claiming Bin Laden had been spotted on an American military base in Asia, shopping at the Post Exchange.

Administration officials intentionally kept Bush in the dark as they planned for the use of abusive interrogation tactics, including waterboarding.

Prime Minister Tony Blair allowed President Bush to believethat Britain would join the attack in Iraq at a time when his own Attorney General had declared an invasion without U.N. backing to be illegal.

Bush told French President Chirac that the Iraq war was willed by God and had been foretold in Biblical prophesy, an assertion that influenced France’s choice to stay out of the conflict.

Administration officials lied to Colin Powell about a decision to spirit a Canadian citizen to Syria, causing the Secretary of State to unknowingly pass false information to key allies.

Bruce Ivins, the man identified as the anthrax killer, secretly assisted the FBI for years in its hunt for the perpetrator of the bacteriological attack. His contribution to the investigation was considered so important that the Pentagon quietly awarded him its highest civilian award.

Manhattan faced the possibility of destruction by a devastating flood caused by the 9/11 attacks. After being notified of the danger, the White House began to plan for an evacuation.

There’s plenty more. In fact, read The New York Times Op-Ed tomorrow for another set of disclosures from me.


  1. If a republican president used death from the sky diplomacy with 16%
    Civilian murder rate there would be international calls for war crimes investigation not a Nobel.

    • Bob The Slob says:

      Use of drones and teams for assassination is my main objection to the Obama administration. There are many problems with it, morally, ethically, and legally.

  2. susan murauskas says:

    Thank You !! I’m not not alone !!

  3. Mr. Eichenwald, I just finished your book today. Fantastic! I couldn’t put it down. Thank you for such a well-researched and great read. I figured I’d also let you know that I had contacted you through your contact submission form about your source for Bush’s statements to the French president about going to war for god, but after looking closer I realized I glossed over the French magazine you cited. I don’t speak French and it didn’t dawn on me that was your source. But I later found the article you referenced, so you can dismiss my earlier inquiry.


    • Bob The Slob says:

      Try using Google Translate to convert from one language to another. The translation is not perfect, but it should render an article understandable.

  4. Bob The Slob says:

    You’re right–we had suspicions. More than that actually–I was certain that we didn’t know the full story about the Bush’s crimes against humanity. I’m also certain that we will never have a full accounting. As a result of U.S. reaction to 9/11, we are very close to a totalitarian state. One more GOP POTUS should about do it.

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